BankNotes – July 2018

A common method of showing the public the power of Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept” (IBC) is to stress its feature of “constant compounding.” In contrast to many other asset classes, dividend-paying Whole Life insurance always increases in value. Indeed, some proponents of IBC enthusiastically declare: “There’s nothing else like it!”

BankNotes – June 2018

The World Population Clock1 is currently registering 7.6 billion people on the planet. Among those 7.6 billion people, Forbes2 has identified only 2,208 individuals who are billionaires from 72 different countries. Based on this information our chances of ever becoming a billionaire are pretty slim — somewhere around 0.00002%.

BankNotes – February 2018

Highly profitable companies can run into financial trouble if they don’t have the liquidity to react to unforeseen events. Even companies with a stockpile of assets on their balance sheets will struggle with cash flow issues when markets crash if those assets are illiquid. In a moment of crisis, assets are of no value if they cannot easily be converted to cash in order to save the company.

Risky Risk Assessment?

How Risky Is That Risk Assessment Questionnaire? “Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.” -Paul Samuelson If you’ve ever walked into a financial planner’s office or a brokerage firm, chances are you were handed a “risk assessment questionnaire,” or something […]

Is Your Savings Being Stolen?

STOLEN SAVINGS: Civil Forfeiture and the Seizure of $446,651 Has Civil Forfeiture Made Banks Unsafe? “If you think money you deposit in a bank is yours, think again.” – Your bank claims to keep your money safe from fraud, theft and harm… but what happens when the criminals are government authorities who can tell […]

The Truth About Prosperity Economics

What Is Prosperity Economics? (And why would you want to use it?) There seems to be no shortage of financial advice, but that has not led to economic success for most. Too many Americans are having trouble saving for their own needs and wants while struggling to pay down debt and keep up with the […]

Give Your Dollars a Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

Not much in life is truly “guaranteed.” We can’t guarantee the weather, what other people will or won’t do, the direction of the markets, or even if we’ll be around to see tomorrow. And even most “guarantees” have exceptions. Your purchase is guaranteed – but only for 30 days, or unless you drop the item, […]

Women and Wealth: Challenges, Changes, and Steps to Prosperity

Money Growing

Women and Wealth: Challenges, Changes, and Steps to Prosperity “When people point out that I am successful in business AND a woman and a mother, I have to wonder why that should come as a surprise or be a fact worth noting.” – Kim D. H. Butler What challenges do women face when it comes […]

Escaping the Consumer Debt Trap

Guy At Table With Money

Escaping the Consumer Debt Trap “Some debts are fun when you are acquiring them, but none are fun when you set about retiring them.” -Ogden Nash, American poet How Good People Get Caught in the Debt Web If you are staggering under the weight of Consumer Debt, join the club. According to a May 13 […]