Are you convinced that investing in the stock/bond market is the safe and conservative approach and have no concerns whether or not your retirement funds will be there when you need them?

If you are, please stop reading this because I am only looking to help the select few individuals who are willing to investigate other approaches to securing their financial future.

My name is Tom Laune and I love the unique financial properties of a 200 plus year old financial product called Whole Life Insurance. There is nothing magic about this financial instrument, but there is so much misinformation floating around that people in general are unaware of the tremendous benefits of incorporating it into a solid financial plan as well as leaving a legacy.

Unfortunately, I am all too aware of the hype, misinformation and marketing spin surrounding Whole Life Insurance because many years ago I myself was told several half truths and given bad information from professionals who should have known better (and probable did). That is one reason I wanted to get to the truth to be able to help others avoid the mistakes that I made early on.

Why did I name my firm Stress Free Planning? That is a great question and the answer ties directly into something I call “the magic shoebox”.   What if you could take an ordinary shoebox full of money and sprinkle it with magic dust.

What would the difference between a regular shoebox full of cash and a magic shoebox would look like:


Regular Shoebox

Safe (as long as your home does not get broken into or catch fire)

Liquid (yes…it’s a shoebox full of money!)

Earns interest (not one penny)

Can be used as collateral to make a loan against (no way, you actually have to spend the money from the regular shoebox and it replace it later)

If a tragedy occurs the box,  becomes full again (what… no way)


Magic Shoebox

Safe (no risk of loss of principal)

Liquid (send in a request and you get a check, no financial questions asked) ps.. this is stress free!

Earns interest (paying average compound interest 3%-4%)

Can be used as collateral to make a loan against (this is where the magic really starts to happen, your magic shoebox money is earning compounding interest)

If a tragedy occurs the box, no matter how empty becomes full again (absolutely)

Why am I so passionate about Whole Life Insurance? If properly designed, it acts exactly like the magic shoebox in my illustration above.